And a little bit of fuzzy matching

Time Is Not Linear

Let’s stop treating it that way

Code is run by computers

…but it is read by humans

Caches Make Predictions About the Future

How a paper about CPU caches changed the way I think about software caches too

Suffer Together

Graphviz support for Jekyll

I’m planning on writing about diffing soon, a problem space that is well-visualized by graphs. So this site needs to support graphs.


A less eager .onHover for SwiftUI

Believe The Big Lies

Justice. Mercy. Duty. That sort of thing.

<!-- 🤦 -->

When your own code breaks you a decade later, at a different company


Why auto-merge dependency updates without review?

Reviving a Clipper Creek HCS-40

Turns out contactors are a wear part?

Syntax highlighting stylesheets for Jekyll

A page that lets you preview some code highlighting themes that drop into Jekyll.

What is Modern Monetary Theory?

What gives fiat currencies value, and what can we do with them?

Travel Ukuleles

I go overboard making concert scale travel ukuleles

The Zero Gets a Corbin Saddle

Giving myself a little present now that I’ve been summoned back into the office.

Reviving a Yamaha PSS-A50

We got a Yamaha PSS-A50 for our kiddo. The next day it wouldn’t turn on.

Improved Tie-downs for the Motorcycle Lift

I got a set of CargoBuckles and modified them for motorcycle lift duty.

When everyone’s got a newsletter, but you just want a feed.

defer for Objective-C

Reducing code duplication and improving locality in Objective-C with macros.

A Plywood Vinyl Media Center

The first reasonably intricate project I’ve done with the Shaper Origin

We Built Robots

gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering “is there anybody out there”

Teletypewriter as Art

Too loud to continue banging out tweets in an open office, the teletypewriter is given a second chance by an art student in Québec.

The Square Tweetwriter

The typewriter gets dusted off for hack week.

GSX-R fork internals swap

Suspension upgrades for your SV650

Danny’s Wager

Or: the problem with Pascal’s Wager.

New Blog

Pardon the cliché, but we’re starting over.