Figured I’d give myself a little present today; my mileage is about to increase dramatically now that I’ve been summoned back into the office.

my Zero SR/S, with a raw foam seat, parked under the Corbin banner in their ride-in service area

This is actually the third Corbin seat I’ve owned, and my second ride-in custom. All were great, but I highly recommend the custom service. They send you out with a raw foam seat (pictured above), in the usual shape for a shipped order. You return with feedback, they carve and/or glue more foam, repeat until you’re happy, and finally a sewer lovingly wraps it in leather/vinyl/embroidery of your own design. If you take passengers, make sure to sit on the pillion if you’re having one made; Tanya still raves about how comfortable the SV’s was. The secret is to dish the foam so your passenger isn’t sliding fore/aft.