Hi! I’m Scott Perry, and this is where I write things that I might want to refer to later1. One might charitably call this a digital garden, but it’s really just an evolution of my notes/ folder. Markup mixes media and styled text, documents can refer to one another, and web hosting gets it from my computer to your browser, but at the end of the day it’s a working repository of my larks and snarks.

The page I share most often is What is Modern Monetary Theory? The most popular page is <!-- 🤦 -->. You should subscribe to the feed if you’d like to keep up with changes as they happen2.

Broadly categorized, I enjoy writing about:

  • ideas
  • stories, including travel
  • code to share solutions to problems I’ve had and ideas that have struck me
  • projects throughout their lifecycle
  • stuff I use that makes me happy (or not) in the hopes that it’ll make you happy too
  1. In contrast to social media, where I write things that are forgettable 

  2. You can browse it here if you’re bored/a webcrawler