As a tinkerer, I like to fix things (or at least learn more about their insides) when they’re broken. Like reviving an electronic keyboard we got for our kid, or replacing a worn contactor in my electric vehicle charger. Currently I’m trying to de-WiSA-fy our home theater system.

A long time ago I turned a Brother SX-4000 into a teletype. Later, I forced it to print all tweets that mentioned @Square. Finally, I shipped it off to Québec for a new life as art.

Fiber Arts

Having a sewing machine is like owning a welder. When Tanya wanted to make her wedding dress, I lobbied for a heavy duty machine so I could make stuff like better motorcycle tie downs. I also turned my high school backback into a hip bag recently but haven’t written about it. The search for the perfect hip bag has been somewhat of an albatross for me.

Two Wheels

A local mechanic and I figured out how to fit GSX-R cartridges in the forks of a 2nd generation SV650.

I have an ongoing VFR project.


There’s a whole page dedicated to smaller bits of code, but I also have some larger ongoing projects that I either help out with or am responsible for, like feedyour.email (which turns newsletters into RSS feeds) and Switch (a window-based context switcher for macOS). Also, obviously, this website.


My first significant project with the Shaper Origin was a media center for my record player, followed by a travel ukulele of which I’ve now made two.